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Founded in 1999, has become a leading on-line fabrics marketplace. Our program is free and easy to join. Here's how it works:

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We get thousands of visitors per day. Some of them have been referred by you. Shouldn't you get paid for it? Of course you should. This is the best affiliates program out there. Why?
You have more ways to earn $. You can earn referral fees on both piece goods and Fabric Doggie Bags. You work with the best online supplier. As a Associate, you send your visitors to the #1 online fabrics retailer. Thousands of satisfied customers have established as the trusted textile e-commerce leader.
You choose from the best product selection. With our Associates program, you gain access to a huge selection of products that can be sold through your site.
You benefit from easy & helpful resources. Associates Central is your resource--rich Web site designed to help you succeed in our program. We provide you with merchandising tips, an extensive graphics library, and state-of-the-art link building and reporting tools.


Start Earning Today:

1. Read our Operating Agreement.
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